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OST One Piece Collection

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As has become typical of long-running youth-oriented anime, One Piece has gone through a long succession of theme songs, performed by popular artists, since its debut on television. Though performed by popular singers and bands, most seem to be written specifically for the show,
as nearly all of them reference treasure, the sea, or ships in some way. As of April 2011, there have been 14 opening themes, 18 regular ending themes, and a number of film- and special endings as well. Soundtrack CDs released in Japan also include a large number of "image songs" based on the series, performed either by cast members in character, or by theme song artists. 4Kids' dub of the series has stripped the opening and ending music of all episodes in favor of a "more catchy, kid-friendly" version. This "One Piece Rap" (as it is infamously known) keeps the music basically the same throughout each of the episodes (with one or two edits here and there with each new member of the crew). During the show, there has also been recognizable music play in the background (like Dvorak's New World Symphony and Beethoven's Ode to Joy).

Opening 01 (Episode 001-047)
>> Hiroshi Kitadani - We Are!
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 02 (Episode 048-115)
>> Folder 5 - Believe
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 03 (Episode 116-168)
>> The Babystars - Hikari E
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 04 (Episode 169-206)
>> Bon-Bon Blanco - Bon Voyage!
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 05 (Episode 207-263)
>> Boystyle - Kokoro no Chizu
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 06 (Episode 264-278)
>> D-51 - Brand New Word
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 07 (Episode 279-283)
>> Straw Hat Pirates - We Are! (Straw Hat Version)
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 08 (Episode 284-325)
>> Tackey & Tsubasa - Crazy Rainbow
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 09 (Episode 326-372)
>> 5050 - Jungle P
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 10 (Episode 373-394)
>> Tohoshinki - We Are! (Remix)
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 11 (Episode 395-425)
>> Tohoshinki - Share The World!
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 12 (Episode 426-458)
> MariYaguchiHexagonUnit - Kaze wo Sagashite
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 13 (Episode 459-492)
>> The Rootless - One Day
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 14 (Episode 493-516)
>> Namie Amuro - Fight Together
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Opening 15 (Episode 517-???)
>> [TV-Size] Hiroshi Kitadani - We Go!
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]

Ending 01 (Episode 001-030)
>> Maki Ootsuki - Memories
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 02 (Episode 031-063)
>> Maki Ootsuki - Run! Run! Run!
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 03 (Episode 064-073)
>> Tomato Cube - Watashi ga Iru Yo
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 04 (Episode 074-081)
>> Suitei Shojo - Shouchi no Suke
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 05 (Episode 082-094)
>> Ai-Sachi - Before Dawn
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 06 (Episode 095-106)
>> The Kaleidoscope - Fish
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 07 (Episode 107-118)
>> Takako Uehara - Kimi Ga Iru Kara
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 08 (Episode 119-132)
>> Janne da Arc - Shining Ray
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 09 (Episode 133-155)
>> Ruppina - Free Will
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 10 (Episode 156-168)
>> Ruppina - Faith
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 11 (Episode 169-181)
>> ZZ - A to Z
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 12 (Episode 182-195)
>> Shela - Tsuki to Taiyou
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 13 (Episode 196-206)
>> Aiko Ikuta - Dreamship
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 14 (Episode 207-230)
>> Tackey & Tsubasa - Mirai Kokai
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 15 (Episode 231-245)
>> Asia Engineer - Eternal Pose
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 16 (Episode 246-255)
>> Triplane - Dear Friends
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 17 (Episode 256-263)
>> Tohoshinki - Asuga wa Kuru Kara
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]
Ending 18 (Episode 264-278)
>> Delicatessen - Adventure World
[Mediafire] or [MDJ]


Anonymous said...

gan request yg ost movie nya dong :D

yahyabaguy said...

belum dapet semua euy..
jadi ntar aja sekalian D

yohoho said...

ada yg bink sake na brook tidak gan?

MaLiK Prince Telmi said...

mantavv gan.. dah ada sOng tuk Op 517..
jadi pengen dengar. kayak gmana..
heheh.. sukses slalu gan.

MaLiK Prince Telmi said...

Ost. yang episode 517 kok cman gamba doang.. ckckckkck hehehehe

yahyabaguy said...

@yohoho : ada sih ntar di upload

@malik : ahaha kan episode 517 nya aja belum rilis gan

andik bex said...

lanjutkannn mas browww........

yahyabaguy said...

sudah ditambahkan opening terbaru versi TV nya :D

Ulquiorra D. Schiffer said...

MAntab Mas Broo....

Muhammad Nur Wachid said...

om di mirror ke mediafire atau megaupload dong

Arif Fajar Pradipta said...

boleh mirror..??

yahyabaguy said...

Mirror ke mediafire sudah ditambahkan..
Maaf telat :D

Silahkan aja boleh kok..

Anonymous said...

passwordnya apa gan?

yahyabaguy said...


Anonymous said...

Opening 5 yg tv size ada gan?
ooh iya, bink no sake nya ada kah??

Anonymous said...

sugoik... arigato...

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